globalcalendar.com allows you to store your schedule online. since, it's web-based, it means that you only need a browser and an internet connection to view your schedule.

here are some other key features:

  • create multiple calendars.
  • view any combination of calendars.
  • share calendars between just your friends or organization.
  • e-mail notification on pre-scheduled events.
  • calendar displayed in your preferred language.
  • time adjusted to your preferred time-zone.

who can use it? well, anyone can use it to save their personal schedule. but this service becomes really useful when you start to share calendars between your friends or within your organization.

and if you're a web-site owner, then you can schedule upcoming events, chat-sessions etc. visitors to your site will have guest-access to your calendar without any registration hassles - one-click access!

like to join? if you're not a registered user, but would like to give it a try - click here.

if you like what you've read, then you should register. registering creates a personal account for yourself and can start saving your schedule. remember all this is free!

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