Use to schedule usage of a shared-airplane or all the airplanes in a flying-club.

Each member can enter their own reservations or it can done through a single administrator.

Here are the steps:

  • Start
    • Register to create an account. This will be the administrator's account.
    • You'll be taken to a setup-page. Enter all relevent information - especially the e-mail and timezone.
    • Once saved, go to the calendar-subscriptions page.
  • Creating the shared-calendar.
    • Click on the new-calendar button (second-last top-right).
    • Enter a calendar name. For example, or us.rec.tail-number
    • For now, set the access to group-simple and enter a password. Later you try finer control over access by choosing group-advanced.
    • Check on the check-boxes to allow appropriate privileges for members.
    • Once saved, you'll be taken back to the calendar-subscriptions page and this time the calendar you just created will also be listed. Click on the check-box to the left to subscribe to it and save it.
  • Letting club-members in on the calendar.
    • Now click on the calendar-name to view it again. This time, there'll be a new link on the top-right hand corner labeled - "Link to this Calendar". Click on this to display the link to this calendar.
    • You can e-mail the displayed link to all the club members.
    • Each member on receipt on the e-mail, will click on the link and create an account for themselves - they'll be automatically be subscribed to the shared calendar.
  • Using it day-to-day

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